How to Delete/Deactivate Your WhatsApp Account?

If you plan to use another messaging app or plan to open a WhatsApp account on a new number, you need to delete your existing WhatsApp account first. Because if you don't, people will send messages to your old number, which you may not get. Therefore, it is better to delete the unused account.

However, there is no reason to worry, the process of deleting WhatsApp account is quite simple. Before deleting your WhatsApp account, you can download the account data if you want. There is also the option to export all chats and media manually. Let us know the details about deleting WhatsApp account.

What happens if I delete a WhatsApp account?

If you delete the WhatsApp account, it can no longer be used. If you want to use WhatsApp again, you have to open a new account. It takes about 90 days for WhatsApp data to be completely deleted.

WhatsApp says, “A copy of your data is in backup storage within 90 days of account deletion, which can be useful in case of any problem, software issue or other data loss. However, at this time you will not see the information of WhatsApp. Copies of various information, such as log records, may be in our (WhatsApp's) database, but none of them can be personally identified. "

You can download your information before deleting the WhatsApp account which may be useful to you later.

What kind of data does WhatsApp collect?

After joining WhatsApp, you have the option to submit a request for download of all the data that WhatsApp has collected. Once you have sent the request you will get a link to download your data. This process can take up to 3 days to compile your data and send it to you. In this case, it is important to make sure that you are using the latest version of WhatsApp. To download WhatsApp information:

  • Enter the settings panel from WhatsApp
  • Enter the 'Account' section and select the 'Request Account Info' option
  • Now tap on the "Request" button and your request will reach WhatsApp

Once your report is ready, you will be notified by WhatsApp. Then in the “Request account info” section you will get the option to view and download the report. Once you tap the download option, your phone will download a zip file. By extracting this file you will see all the information of WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp chat and media download

In addition to the mentioned methods, there are alternative ways of private chat and media download. To download WhatsApp's chat and media manually:

  • Open any chat and tap the three-dot button
  • Now first select More option and then Export option
  • Now it will be asked whether the export will include files, photos, videos and other media. Tap the “Include media” option to export the media which can be shared in Google Drive, Gmail or any other app.

Ways for Deleting WhatsApp account

There are different ways for deleting WhatsApp account on Android and iPhone. Let's find out how to delete WhatsApp account on Android and iPhone.

Rules for deleting WhatsApp account


  • First, log in to WhatsApp and tap on the three-dot icon in the top right corner.
  • Tap the Settings option and enter the Account section
  • Now tap on Delete my account option
  • Now enter the phone number of your WhatsApp account and tap Delete my account
  • Then select one of the reasons for deleting WhatsApp account
  • Complete the process of deleting WhatsApp account by tapping on Delete my account option


  • Open WhatsApp on your iOS device
  • Now first select Settings and then Account Options
  • Now tap on Delete my account option
  • Enter your phone number and complete the delete account by tapping Delete my account.

This way you can easily delete WhatsApp account from any device.


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