How to send WhatsApp messages or calls without saving the number?

WhatsApp is one of the popular messaging services. Countless people around the world use WhatsApp. There are few people among us who do not use WhatsApp. WhatsApp is especially used to communicate with friends and family members. Since you have to add someone by number to start a chat on WhatsApp, most of the time we chat with people we know through WhatsApp.

In some cases, the person may need to send a message to WhatsApp contact without saving the phone number. Currently  to send a message or call someone on WhatsApp, you have to save their number in advance on the mobile, which is a bit annoying. WhatsApp then accesses that contact number from your phonebook and adds to your contact  list.

Suppose you send a delivery person to your home address on WhatsApp, in which case it will take extra time to save his phone number. You will no longer need the phone number of this delivery person. So saving a phone number on mobile just to send a message once is not a good solution.

The funny thing is that there is a way to send WhatsApp messages without saving anyone's number. It is very easy to send a message to someone on WhatsApp with the help of internet browser without saving the number. You can even call him on WhatsApp. The "Click to chat" feature allows you to start a conversation on WhatsApp using the shortlink. 

Ways to send WhatsApp messages without saving numbers

This feature of sending WhatsApp messages without saving numbers can be used on any device supported by WhatsApp including Android, iPhone, Computer. To start WhatsApp chat without saving anyone's number:

  • Log in to any browser
  • Enter"number ”in the address bar and enter the link. In other words, if the desired phone number is +8801234567890 then write in the address bar.

Note that the country code must be written when writing the phone number. In other words, if you want to send a message to any number in Bangladesh, you have to add country code +88. If you want to send text to someone in USA you  may add +1 as country code. In other words, to send a message to 01234567890, you must enter +88 country code.

Ways to send WhatsApp messages and calls without saving numbers
  • On the next page you will see the WhatsApp website directly, where there is a green message button
  • Tap the "Continue to chat" button
  • Then the chat with that number will open directly on WhatsApp

Following this method, messages can be sent on WhatsApp without saving the number in the contact list on both Android and iOS platforms. Similarly, messages can be sent to unsaved numbers on the computer.

How to call WhatsApp without saving number

You can also call someone without saving their number on WhatsApp by following this procedure. How? First open the chat to the desired number by following the instructions above. Then you will also get the option to call him on the message sending screen. From there you can call him by clicking on the dial. Very easy!

Ways to send WhatsApp messages and calls without saving numbers

At the top right of the WhatsApp chat window you will find the option to call. You can see it by looking at the screenshot above.

Again , using apps like WhatsDirect can do the same thing quite easily. Using this app, messages can be sent directly to anyone on WhatsApp without saving the number in the contact list. 


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