Government System in Bangladesh

The word 'government' is very common in our everyday life. Every country of the world has a government system. In chapter four we have learnt what government is. Mainly, government maintains the administrative operation of a country. Though, every country has a government, it is not similar in nature. In this chapter, we shall learn about the government system in our country.


After studying this article, we would be able to -

• describe the nature of Bangladesh government.

• describe the power and activities of President, Prime Minister and Cabinet of Bangladesh.

• describe the administrative structure of Bangladesh.

• describe the structure, power and activities of Legislative Assembly of Bangladesh.

• describe the structure, power and activities of Judicial Division of Bangladesh.


Nature of Bangladesh Government

The first Government of Bangladesh was formed on 10th April 1971. Bangladesh is a People's republic. People are the source of all power in this country. Besides, Bangladesh is also a centralized state too. It has no province or state. In our country, we have parliamentary government system. In this system of government president is the highest person of the state. But, the actual administrative power is vested in the hands of the prime minister and his/her cabinet.

The cabinet holds the administrative power and prime minister is the head of the government. The administration is run by the cabinet under his/her leadership.


Work: Prepare a chart of the main features of Bangladesh Government.


Various Divisions of Bangladesh Government

Like governments of other countries, Bangladesh government also has three divisions.

These are - 

1) Administrative Division,

2) Legislative Division and

3) Judicial Division.


We shall learn about their structure, power and activities by clicking on the link above.

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