Concept of Multimedia

Concept of Multimedia

After completing this chapter, we will be able to:

Explain the concept of multimedia;

Describe the method of multimedia;

Identify the fields of using multimedia;

Explain the idea of presentation software;

Analyse the significance of presentation software;

Describe the technique of using presentation software;

Explain the idea of graphics;

Multimedia and Graphics

Human beings have been using different media to express themselves since the ancient time. Writing is an expressive medium, so are the sound and image. Multimedia is the integration of multiple forms of expressive media, such as texts, graphics, drawings, photographs, videos etc. With the evolution of civilisation and development in technology, these mediums have been used in various ways. Specifically in today's digital era, the nature of these mediums has also changed.

The media of the analogue age are not the major media of the digital age. Rather the media of analogue age have been using in a new dimension. Once the media were used separately, but nowadays they are harmoniously combined together. The potentiality of multi-media has enhanced with the integration of programming ability of digital machines. Hence, it is also called 'interactive multimedia' because of its multiple dimensions and different programming abilities. Interactive multimedia is widely known to people. In one word, multimedia means numerous media. Interactive media means the media with which the users can connect and interact.

Multimedia is the combination of different expressive media. We express ourselves by using, at least, three media which are colour, image and sound. These three media have various forms too. They appear before us either individually or collectively. Different kinds of media are known to us as paper publication, radio, television, video, cinema, video games, educative software, webpage, etc. We can call television-video-cinema multimedia, but video games, educative software, and webpage are called interactive multimedia.

Multimedia is usually captured by a digital machine or device. It can be directly presented on the stage or projected in a different way. Sometimes some electronic devices are called multimedia to capture the subjects and or directly broadcasted in different forms. If we want to use three media in one activity, we should start from cinema. In the last phase of 19th century, in 1895, with the invention of cinema, text, graphics, sound and movement were added to it. Therefore cinema is called the earlier invention of multimedia. Even though this form of

multimedia came into being ages ago, the integration of computer to it a quite a recent development.

Mediums of Multimedia

We know that computer, the most popular digital device is widely known as the calculating machine. Processing and transferring data was another important work of computer. Later on, it was widely used for typing.

In the beginning, only one medium was used to do all these works, i.e. text. However gradually graphics and sound have been added to it. Besides, the computer has the ability to do programming. In fact, computers are capable of creating an interactive experience for users with the combination of text, graphics and sound. Now multimedia promised dynamic experiences than that of the previous time. Multimedia is used not only in computer, but also in mobile phone, Smartphone, tablet, and other digital devices.

The main mediums of Multimedia

There is a well-wide preferences for computers and they tend to replace the conventional machines.

1. Text: Any work is relation to written text is world-wide done on computer. Once it was done by the typewriter. At present, computers are used for all kinds of writing tasks in offices to professional printing houses.

2. Graphics: Computers are used for graphics design, editing, and so on. In our country, the use of computer is very limited in graphics design, painting, drawing, and even in commercial graphics included in Fine Arts. However, computers are widely used in printers and packaging industries. The use of computer started in 1990s in printing, publication and graphics design. It was first used in editing scanned photos by Photoshop. Gradually, computers have been used in design and graphics.

2.1 Video: Video is a kind of graphics. It is better to call it a moving graphics. Video is an established medium all over the world. Video has been extensively used in TV, Home Video, Multimedia Software, Web, etc.

2.2 Animation: Animation is a kind of graphics. But it can be either moving or static. It can be either 2D or 3D. The use of animation is gradually increasing in our country. In advertisement, animation is a favourite media, but we lack skilled people in this sector. In fact, animation is never used as a single medium. It is combined with with audio, video, text, graphics, etc.

3. Sound or Audio: The whole world depends on computer for sound or audio recordings, editing, etc. Analogue system has completely been obsolete in sound engineering. Now sound recording can easily be done in computers.

Use of Multimedia in ICT

There is an increased use of multimedia in ICT.

1. As teaching aid : The use of multimedia as a teaching aid is widely used. The learnes will understand a topic easily if multimedia is used in the class room. The teacher can easily make the lesson effective and interactive. Besides this, there are multimedia software for education.

1.1. Multimedia Software : The multi-media software has just started being made in Bangladesh. Multimedia technology has been used in with 'Bangladesh-71', 'Abosor', 'Biswakosh', 'Namajshiksha', 'Bijoy Shishushiksha', etc. They are not much interactive. However, we expect that in Bangladesh, multimedia software will be definitely developed extensively in the 21st Century.

1.2. Digital Publication: Our publication is still paper- based, but 21st century will definitely be the century of digital publication.

2. Entertainment : Multimedia is widely used in most of the genres of entertainment. Cinemas and plays are being made livelier by the special effects of multimedia.

3. Advertisement : Because of the use of multimedia, advertisements have become attractive. Both real and fictional elements can be shown in advertisements with the help multimedia.

4. Games : Multimedia is extensively used in computer games or video games. Because of the use of multimedia, the games seem as real as real life.

The man who works with text, graphics, audio, video, animation, etc. is called the multimedia contents developer. Many pieces of software like Adobe Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Maya, etc. are used for multimedia contents. However, depending on the content that they develop and the interactive applications that they use, multimedia contents developers should be called 'multimedia programmers' or 'multimedia authors'. In fact, there is a difference between developing contents and adding interactivity. Adobe Premier and Adobe Photoshop can make an interesting piece of multimedia content. By contrast, in order to make the multimedia content interactive, 'Director', a programme of creating software, combines the media made in 'Premier' and 'Photoshop' and create an interactive application.

In this connection, we should know a piece of information about interactivity. Application of any style, such as Microsoft word scroll or flash, into the text or any effects of animation into the video does not make the text or video interactive. Something created by the powerful authoring software like 'Flash', 'Director', and 'Authorware' that makes interaction possible between the user and the computer is called 'Interactivity'.

In future, the demand and number of multimedia programmes will definitely never lessen. The demand of multimedia contents developers and programmers, along with business software developers and maintenance experts, is also increasing.

Importance of Graphics

Photographs, drawings, paintings, illustrations, designs, etc. are need to be scanned and transferred to the computer first for editing. Now pictures captured by digital camera can directly be copied to the computer. After the editing, these photos can be used on printed invitation cards, posters, banners, advertisements, etc. through digital media. There are numerous programmes to edit photo in computer. Of these programmes, Photoshop is popular worldwide. Brightening or darkening the entire or a part of picture, designing cover of a book with several pictures, making poster, cutting off the irrelevant part of the picture, erasing blotchy marks on the picture, etc. can easily be done by Photoshop.


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