ControlD - Block ad, malware and adult content with free DNS

Today I will try to discuss how you can filter your internet in about 15 categories for free.

We all want to be safe on the internet. We want our data to be secure, not to be exposed by third party ads or any adult content. After reading this article you can protect yourself from annoying ads, malware and adult contents to be accessed from your pc. 

What is ControlD?

ControlD is a completely new and free secure, fast DNS of Windscribe VPNWhen you use it on your PC, it will filter your internet into about 15 categories. This will block annoying ad as well as malware, adult content, IoT Beacon, and gambling sites. In fact, your internet will be child friendly. And to get these benefits you just have to change the DNS of your PC.

Although it has a premium plan, you can use it for free. It also provides DNS Over HTTPS, Legacy DNS, and TLS based connections. You can use the connection of your choice.

For various reasons, you cannot use the default DNS provided by the ISP. For example, many people use secure DNS for additional security layers. You can use ControlD if you want to make your home internet connection child friendly or ad free.

And to get all these benefits you need to edit ControlD DNS. If you can change the IPv4 setting, you can easily configure it. You do not need to login to get a DNS address.


Official Website: ControlD

How to use ControlD?

First go to ControlD 's homepage and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here you will find 4 different DNS based on restriction labels. Select any one you need.

If you are a Windows user then go to Network Sharing Center. To quickly find the setting go to Run and type “ncpa.cpl” and press Enter.

Go to your Active Adapter settings. If you use WiFi, open the Wifi Adapter setting or open the Ethernet Adapter setting. Then go to IPv4 settings, enable DNS option, enter the specific address of ControlD there and save.

And this way you can change the DNS settings of your Windows. The procedure for changing DNS is the same for other operating systems.

The last word

ControlD is my own favorite DNS service where I can use uninterrupted internet without any hassle. However, now using ControlD you can make your network connection child friendly and ad free. Since you get this great service for free then why not use it.

That's all for today. Thanks for reading. 


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