Do you know the common myths about fatty liver?

Fatty Liver

There are multiple misconceptions about diseases that thin people don't have fatty liver, find out More and more people are suffering from fatty liver (Fatty Liver) due to lifestyle disorder (Life Style Disorder). However, there are multiple misconceptions about the disease. Find out what they are. see the common myths about fatty liver.

Multiple people suffer from lifestyle disorders (Life Style Disorder). Unhealthy diet, multiple diseases (Disease) are building up the body for irregular lifestyle. There is no time to exercise for office work all day, eating and drinking irregularities, not eating on time, not getting enough sleep day by day. It is accompanied by drinking, smoking, regular restaurant food. Many are suffering from a variety of difficult diseases. In multiple diseases like diabetes, high pressure, cholesterol. One of these is fatty liver (Fatty Liver). Lifestyle disorders are causing more people to suffer from fatty liver. However, there are multiple misconceptions about the disease.

Find out what they are

1. Nowadays there is a problem of fatty liver (Fatty Liver) from house to house. So no one gives much importance to this disease. Many say this is not a big problem. However, you know what if you don't treat it at the right time, fatty liver can cause death. So if you understand the problem, consult your doctor immediately. 
This can be followed by home made totka (Home Remedies). It is common to add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm water. Eat it on an empty stomach every day.  

2. Many people say that eating alcohol causes fatty liver . There are two types of fatty liver. One is Alcoholic and the other is Non Alcoholic. Just as eating alcohol can lead to fatty liver problems, it can lead to unhealthy diets, unhealthy lifestyles. Therefore, to avoid this disease, it is not only necessary to stay away from drinking but also lead a healthy life.

3. Many people say that only fatty people have fatty liver . It is true that obese people are more vulnerable to this disease. A report published by the University of Virginia Commonwealth revealed that many people are suffering from fatty liver due to obesity (Fat). However, it is not that thin people do not have fatty liver. Anyone can get fatty liver if they have an unhealthy diet, irregular lifestyle, such drinking habits. So if you have any symptoms, definitely seek medical advice.
 If the urine is dark yellow, there is fatigue all the time, if there is undue abdominal pain, seek medical advice. It is possible to recover if diagnosed with this disease at the beginning.


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