Send remittances to bKash through MoneyGram Instantly

Send remittances to development through MoneyGram right now

MoneyGram, one of the world's leading money transfer services, has recently launched an integration with Bkash. As a result, money can be sent to bKash numbers from different countries of the world through MoneyGram.

In other words, money for development in Bangladesh can be sent from abroad through MoneyGram. This transaction will be instantaneous. This means that if you send money from abroad to someone's bKash number in Bangladesh with the help of MoneyGram, it will immediately reach that bKash number located in the country.

MoneyGram is launching their mobile wallet network in Bangladesh with the help of mobile banking service bKash. Through this, about five and a half crore bKash wallet users of the country will be able to receive money in Bangladesh from different parts of the world.

MoneyGram is working on a new global digital payment system as part of its integration with an organization called Thunes. As part of this, money can be sent to bKash through MoneyGram.

BKash is working closely with more than 50 money transfer services, including MoneyGram, to ensure fast and secure transactions. This new addition will make it easier to send remittances from more than 90 countries around the world and make this service accessible to all through bKash.

The development of this new addition will help improve the financial lives of countless people who use wallets. Remittances play a huge role in personal life in different countries of the world, mostly in Asian countries. As a result, the need for digital and mobile wallet services is increasing. This integration with bKash will enable direct remittance services and accelerate economic growth.

MoneyGram says, according to the World Bank, a total of 22 billion worth of remittances came to Bangladesh in 2020, which is 7% of the country's total GDP. In such a situation, sending a remittance will be much easier as it is associated with the development of a service like MoneyGram.

If you want to send money to Bangladesh from abroad, contact the nearest Money Exchange or Money Transfer Organization or Bank. Then tell them that you want to send money for bKash in Bangladesh. Then they will tell you about the possible services.

You can also visit the bank or financial institution marked with MoneyGram's logo. If you need more, you can visit MoneyGram website . Then you can find out the details for the respective country by clicking on the live chat box available on their website.

Apart from MoneyGram, many other money transfer services can be used to send money to Bangladesh from abroad.


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