NID Guide (2023): Get Bangladeshi NID Just in 2 days

অনলাইনে জাতীয় পরিচয় পত্রের (NID) জন্য যেভাবে আবেদন করবেন জানতে নিচের স্টেপগুলো ফলো করুন 

Disclaimer- This post does not contain any information for those who already have online NID but have not received a smart card yet. A piece of general advice for them would be to go to the EC office and talk to the authority. After reading this article you will have an understanding about how to get NID faster, what is the fastest method to get Bangladeshi National ID Card.

Beneficiaries- This post is most beneficial for the new voters who do not have any NID yet. If you have applied, gave biometrics but yet to receive NID online, go to Step-7.

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September '21 update- After you make your final submission, It is taking 1/2 weeks to get online NID due to the current covid situation as per some users reported (check replies for details).

As'Salamu Alaikum, I am a new voter. I applied and got the digital copy of my NID in march 2021, in 2 working days. So, I thought I would share the procedure with many who are just where I was a month ago. The whole process has two segments: Online and Offline. Online steps are 1,2 and 7,8, while offline steps are from 3 to 6. Sharing the steps below.


1. Setting up account: Go to Bangladesh NID portal ( ) and sign up for an account with your phone number for new application.

2. Online application submission: Go to "Profile", fill up the form and submit.

If you have address-related confusions e.g. "What is my ward number?" then check the below links:
DNCC Ward list-
DNCC Ward-wise Councilor list-

DSCC Ward list-
DSCC Ward-wise Councilor list-

Do your research and you can always call your (or probable) ward councillor or his secretary to clarify any address-related queries.

If you have submitted successfully it will show that "Apnar application pending royeche".  You are done with this step, move to the next step. (It says pending because you have not finished the offline part yet. The day you submit the NID application to EC office (Step-5) it will not show pending anymore, it will show "Submitted".)

3. Fill up the offline parts: Download & print the application form (It's called "Form 2"), sign in the required places, and you need to fill up the শনাক্তকারীর NID নং,  যাচাইকারীর NID নং, and their signatures.

People who can be শনাক্তকারী - Mother, father, brother or sister who has NID. (Basically first blood relatives)
**In a recent (October) extreme case, they asked for homeowner/landlord/bariwala as the শনাক্তকারী.
Who will be যাচাইকারী- Ward councilor of your voter area.

4. Getting Ward councilor's signature, name & NID: Go to the ward councilor's office of your voter area.  After you get the ward councilor's sign, name & NID, your application form is finally complete.

Document photocopies you need to bring of-
1. Parents' NID
2. Utility bill
3. House rent receipt (Only if you live in a rented house)
4. Birth certificate
5. May ask for- Online birth certificate printout & resident information paper (This is not your চুক্তিপত্র).
Usually, they don't ask for attested copies. However, you can always call Councilor's secretary for any inquiry (Ward councilor and his secretary's contact numbers can be found on the govt sites (DNCCDSCC).

Time- Same day or 1 day.

5. Final application submission: Go to the nearest election commission in your voter area and submit the application form

Document photocopies you need to bring of- (Source- )
1. S.S.C. or equivalent certificate (English medium background- Educational certificate that shows your date of birth like provisional results paper)
2. Birth certificate
3. Passport / Driving license / TIN certificate
4. Utility bill copy/House rent receipt/Holding tax receipt – (as a proof of address)
5. Citizenship certificate (as applicable)
6. Father, Mother, Husband/wife's ID card photocopy.

7. Deed of house rent (If you reside in a rented house)
9. Home owner's NID & written letter from him confirming your residence (Extreme case)
8. Death certificate (If any of your parents has passed away)

All document photocopies need to be attested, and I highlighted the documents that are not mentioned on the source website.

6. Biometrics: After the submission, the operator will give you the slip and ask you to come for biometrics registration. They usually give a date on the same day or the next. On that day, they will give the supervisor's & info collector's signature (in your form 2), take your picture, signature, biometrics of your eyes, and 10 fingers.

If you are done with this step as well, you will get your NID in probably 2 or 3 working days online. To get the online NID, you need to register your account online.

7. Register account with Form no: Go to Bangladesh NID portal ( ) and register your account. (You already have a previous account, but it has already served its purpose. You filled up and submitted your application through it. Now you are registering for your actual NID account)

You can go to the next step only if you already have a NID (online) and you're on their database. So, try after 2-3 days from the biometric enrollment.

You may face issues with the OTP not coming; it's the server. It's trash; you need to wait for a couple of hours and try again.

Face Scan: Now you have to scan your face with the "NID Wallet" app in the last step to successfully register your online NID account.

8. Getting NID online: After successfully registering your new account with Form no. You can log into your account. Congratulations! You can download your NID from here.


1. Doesn't the NID take 2 months to deliver?
Answer: Yes, the smart card should take 2 months or something (I haven't gotten it yet), but the online NID is delivered in 2-3 days (September update- it is taking 1/2 weeks due to covid situation). So, If you don't have an NID, you can have one within a week.

2. Which area's EC office or ward councilor's office should I visit?
Answer: You can be a voter at your present or permanent address as your wish (stated in the application form 2). So you will have to go to the nearest EC or the associated ward councilor's office accordingly.

3. What is "Voter no" ? Does it mean NID no?
Answer: No. A voter number is a different number from NID. You can find parents' or your Voter no from here:

4. What is an online Birth Certificate? How do I get one?
Answer: BRC online means it is on the National Birth Certificate database. You can check here if your birth certificate is online or not:
If it isn't, you will probably have to apply for a new birth certificate online.  You can do that here on this website:

5. I don't have an online Birth Certificate, just have an old hard copy. Can I apply?
Answer:"Actually, you cannot. You can attach a photocopy of your old copy without a problem but your birth certificate has to be in the online database, check here  ,if your birth certificate is not in their database then you need to go to where you had your birth certificate registered and ask them to entry it in online. I think you can do it yourself too but not sure how. Anyway, the thing is, when you go to EC office they ask if your birth certificate is in online database, if your answer is no then they won't take your biometrics. I had this issue myself.

You can still apply in online, get the ward councilor's signature, but in EC office they won't take your biometrics if your birth certificate is not in online database."

6. When will I get smart NID card?
Answer: Read this article from Prothom Alo on September 23rd, 2021 to understand the current situation.

7.  Is all the documents I need during 
Step-4 & Step-5 exactly mentioned here?
Ans: No. These are the documents that you usually need during these steps although it varies from area to area (there's no uniform requirement for all the EC office/ ward councilors so they just make rules by themselves, often it may be perceived as intentional harassment to make people incline towards bribery).

NID Helpline: 105 (toll-free)


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    1. Riton Vaiya: 01569-112357

  2. Thanks for a very informative post. Really appreciate the effort. How much time does it take to get the online birth certificate? Since you were in a similar situation, can you please outline what are the steps to obtain it if you have a hard copy of birth certificate but not the online one?

  3. 01569-112357

  4. #help

    I want to use my actual name spelling in my NID application, but the spelling is little bit different in my SSC certificate & also different in Birth ceritificate. Will my different name spelling bother me when i will go to ward councillor or election commissioner's zone? whats the first step should i take ?

    1. Greetings!
      Thanks for your interest. You have to affidavit your corrected name at first. Then with that document you can apply with your corrected name for NID. In the meantime you have to start the procedure of name change of your ssc & birth certificate.
      Hope I have answered your question. Feel free to reply if you have anything else in mind.

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