Is it permissible to give ha ha emoji on Facebook?

Ha Ha Emoji with an intention to Mocking People is Haram: Bangladeshi Islamic Personality.

A well-known Islamic speaker in Bangladesh commented that he is against the 'ha ha' emoji on Facebook. He says using this emoji to ridicule people is forbidden in Islam. Shaykh Ahmadullah has many followers online. The popular speaker has more than 3 million followers on Facebook and YouTube. He is also regularly seen on various Islamic programs on television There he discussed various religious issues He posted a three-minute video last Saturday via social media. The topic was to "Mocking People on Facebook". There he explains why such behavior is absolutely forbidden in Islam In the video, he is heard saying, "We use the 'ha ha' emoji to ridicule people on Facebook these days. If we give this emoji in line with the funny post posted by the person, then there is no problem But if anyone intends to ridicule or neglect that person, it is absolutely forbidden in Islam. For God's sake, I beg you not to do such thing again. Don't use 'ha ha' emoji to make fun of anyone If you hit a Muslim in this way, he will respond with bad language, which is not expected."

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The video of this very popular Islamic speaker in Bangladesh has been viewed more than 2 million times in just a few days of posting. Many of his followers have commented positively on this video. However, many people have jokingly used 'ha ha' emoji in comments.

Shaykh Ahmadullah is one of the most popular Islamic speakers online recently. The government is imposing unannounced controls on Waz mahfils in Bangladesh. The videos of some of them have been viewed millions of times. Gradually, the spread of Islamic ideology has become widespread online.

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