How to Use Email scheduling (Gmail)

Google's email service Gmail is packed with great features. Many of these features are not known to many. However, the feature of scheduling emails in advance from an email account can be useful for many. Email scheduling can be useful in a variety of situations.

Suppose you are a freelancer . Your client lives in another country or timezone. In that case, it is inappropriate to bother him by sending emails at night. It is better for both of them to schedule their emails beforehand. You can schedule the email at your convenience. According to that schedule, the email will be sent from your Gmail account to your client's email address.

Suppose again, your work in the office is over but you have to send an email exactly a few hours later. In that case you can leave the office without any problem by keeping the email schedule. Gmail's "Schedule Send" feature can come in handy.

Let's learn how to schedule email in Gmail.

Ways for scheduling email in Gmail

Gmail's "Schedule Send" feature can be used on any computer browser or Gmail's Android or iOS app. Let's learn the rules for scheduling Gmail email.

Computer Gmail Scheduling Rules (Gmail)

  • Go to Gmail
  • Click the Compose button in the top left corner of the Inbox tab
Email scheduling rules (Gmail)
  • Write important information like recipient, subject, body, etc.
  • Tap the "Reverse Triangle" icon next to the send button
Email scheduling rules (Gmail)
  • Select the Schedule Send option
  • When the email will be delivered, select its date and time
  • Complete the email scheduling process by clicking Schedule Send

It is possible to change the time at which the email will be sent after scheduling. To change the time of sending scheduled emails:

  • Select the "Scheduled" tab from the menu on the left
  • Select the email you want to change the scheduling of, and click "Cancel Send"
  • Then schedule the email using the triangle icon below the previous rule.

Gmail Rules for scheduling emails on Android and iOS apps

  • Log in to the Gmail app
  • Tap the Compose button in the bottom right corner
  • Write important information like recipient, subject, body, etc.
  • Tap Schedule Send from the three-dot menu in the top right corner
Email scheduling rules (Gmail)
  • When the email will be delivered, select its date and time
  • Complete the email scheduling process by tapping Schedule Send

The timing of scheduled emails can be changed in the same way as the desktop. To change the time of scheduled email from mobile:

  • Select "Scheduled" from the Gmail menu
  • Then select the scheduled email and tap on “Cancel Send”
  • Then reschedule the email from the three-dot menu at the top right.

Bonus Tip: Email Reminder

If you send countless emails every day, it's normal to have thousands of emails in your email. In this case, the email reminder can come in handy.

gmail reminder

That's why Gmail has a feature called Nudges. When you turn it on, emails that you need to follow up or emails that you need to reply to will come up at the top of your Gmail inbox. Gmail sorts these out on its own.

To turn on Nudges feature on Gmail's mobile app:

  • Open the Gmail Android or iOS app
  • Open the three parallel dots menu at the top left
  • Tap on Settings
  • Tap the email account for which you want Nudges 
  • From the settings list that appears, tap “Replies and follow-ups” under the “Nudges” section.
  • Select both reply and follow-up options

To launch Nudges on Gmail desktop or web version:

  • Log in to Gmail. 
  • Click on the Settings icon at the top right and click "See All Settings". 
  • Go to the bottom of the General tab and you will find the Nudges section. 
  • From there, select both reply and follow-up options. 
  • Save the changes by clicking the Save Changes button at the very bottom.

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