How to check the health of Laptop Battery


Laptop is our daily driver which approx. runs 10 hours a day. There is no problem with the desktop battery, but there is a problem with the laptop. So we have to be aware of the battery of the laptop or one day you will see that the laptop is no longer working. Today I will share with you how to check the health of laptop battery.

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First you have to go to PowerShell of your PC. Then type powercfg /batteryreport.

Then press the Enter button. Then you go to Users\Your Username then you will see battery-report.html. This is an HTML file so you need to open it with any of your browsers. 

From the report here we can see how much our battery is capable of charging and how much it is. Your bicycle count shows how many times your laptop has been charged. The cycle count is not shown here because not all the software that I have in Windows is updated. 

Laptop Battery Health Check Report

The picture below shows how much longer your battery life can go, your battery model, what type, which brand its manufacturer will get all the information in one report.

cycle count

 If you have trouble understanding something about this battery report, please comment. 

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