How to Download Large Google Drive Files Easily by Creating Your Index Site for Free

 Today I'll write about how you can download any large files/ folders from google drive with any download manager without any hassle of "Link Expired" even if you pause the downloading of the file for too long.


The Perks
1. You can pause and resume. The link won't expire.
2. You don't even have to login to your drive to download the files.
3. You can download these files from anywhere with any downloader.
4. You will get same speed you get when downloading directly from Google Drive.
[I am talking about my experiences. Downloading speed might differ across different ISPs]

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There are 3 steps
Step 1: Zip the files and folders with Google Colab (You can skip this step if you want to download a single file at a time)
Step 2: Create an Index of your Google Drive files and folders.
Step 3: Download the files with your index link.

Step 1: Zip the files and folders with Google Colab. (Optional for some)
Suppose, I want to download this folder named Test Folder from my drive.

First, let's go to Google Colab

Click on "Cancel" at the bottom right corner. You'll get something like this.

Click on "Connect" at the top right corner. You'll see something like this.

Now we have to mount our drive. To do this click on the folder icon on top left and click on the folder with the drive icon as shown below.

You'll see something like this. Now click on the play icon.

Click on the link and authorize google colab to access your drive. It's perfectly safe as it is from Google itself.

Now copy this authorization code, paste it into the box in Google Colab notebook and hit Enter on keyboard.

You'll get this output. This means our drive is successfully mounted.

Now let's go to our drive folder.
'cd /content/drive/MyDrive/' in a cell and hit Ctrl+Enter, or you can use the play icon on the left of the cell.

Let's check our drive. To do this, write
 'ls' and run the cell. I have this "Test Folder" and one other folder in my drive.

I will zip the folder now. Here I am creating zip archive, you can create any type of archive (tar, rar, gz etc) you like.
For creating archive write
 !zip -r "My" "Folder I want to zip"
For my example I am creating a zip archive named "My" archiving the "Test Folder". I am using double quotes because I have blank spaces in the names.
You can you \ to escape. Or just use double quotes.

Now if we run
 ls command again we can see that the zip is created in my drive.

And step 1 is done!
You can download the file with any method you like.
I am going to show you the method I use. So, let's go to "Step 2"

Step 2: Create an Index of your Google Drive files and folders.
Go here to get the code for your index. It is safe and trusted. You can check their GitHub Repo here
Click on get auth code, follow instructions and get the authorization code. Paste the code in the "Paste auth code in here" textbox.

For path id you can use your google drive folder id if you want to set a specific folder as the Index's root folder. You can get the id here.

I am leaving the field blank because I want to set my drive root folder as the root folder for the index.
Leave Username and Password fields blank, you can use those if you want to. Choose your colors and click "Build Now"

You'll get the code for you index. Copy the code.

Go to and create a new account. Then log in to your account.
Click on "Create a worker"

Paste the code you got earlier into the "Script" section. You can change the title of your index site here.

Now click on "Save and Deploy"

Let's change the site link. Click on the site link and change it to whatever you want.

Now click on the box with the arrow icon and a new tab will open with your index site link.

Here you can find all your files on drive.

Step 3:  Download the files with your index link.
Now you can easily download the file with any downloader.

PS: You can do a lot with Google Colab notebooks.
Thank you for making time to go through it. Please share your feedback on this tutorial. Any corrections will be appreciated. 
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