Bypass ISP Restrictions Without Any VPN or Proxy Service

Have you ever got into a situation when you are urgently searching for a solution on the internet and ended up with some results from Reddit or Medium? And as soon as you tried to open those links your browser kept loading? Or while searching for some ideas for your next cool illustration project have you tried opening Pinterest and found that the website wasn’t loading at all? Here are some ways to unblock websites Without using a VPN.
You may have ended up in the above-mentioned circumstance because of your ISP’s monitoring of your internet traffic and blocking those websites on behalf of your organization or government.

In this article, we’ll discuss the method ISP uses to monitor and block internet traffics and we’ll also learn about how we can bypass those restrictions from your ISP on a Windows, Linux, Android, or Mac device without using any Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Proxy Service for free.

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How ISP monitors and blocks those websites?

The method ISP’s uses to monitor your internet traffic is known as Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). This is a packet sniffing method that helps to inspect the data sent over a computer network. ISP’s can block, re-route, or log those data afterward. Another purpose of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is to ensure the correctness of data format as well as scan for malicious codes and eavesdropping. Additional header data sent with every internet request is used for the purpose of Deep Packet Inspection.

How VPNs and Proxy Servers Bypass these restrictions?

Virtual Private Networks are the extension of a private network across the public network. This service helps the public to connect with a private network with a virtual connection to get access to the facilities provided by the network. This may seem too technical but this can be simplified. Whenever a user connects with a VPN server all his internet traffic goes through the private server. Imagine you are connected to a VPN server and you want to access a website that is blocked by your ISP. Whenever you try to access the blocked website, the VPN client on your device tunnels your traffic via that private server. Your ISP only sees that you are trying to access that private server and can not detect the actual website address you tried to access and thus they can not block this. Proxy servers work almost similarly.

Why should we bypass DPI directly instead of using VPN/Proxy services?

Firstly, you need to pay for using good quality VPNs. Although there are a lot of free VPNs available on the internet; but when you connect to those VPN servers, your internet speed reduces drastically as they use poor quality servers with limited bandwidth. With free VPNs, the security of your data is not guaranteed.

Secondly, when you connect with a VPN server, your IP address gets changed to that server’s IP address. These VPN servers are used by users all over the world, thus after a certain time these server IPs get flagged for fraud activity, and a lot of website checks for IP fraud score before letting you access certain services.

Finally, when you connect with a VPN server, your route to the actual destination server is via that VPN server. This may increase your latency which is the round trip time from your device to the destination server. This increase in latency might trouble you during online gaming, video streaming, or VoIP calls where lower latency is required.

How can we bypass ISP restrictions on a Windows device?

GoodByeDPI is the best choice for Windows devices to bypass restrictions from your ISP. The setup of this application is quite simple. You will require Windows 7, 8, or 10 with admin privileges. Head over to their Github Repository and download the latest version from the release tab. Extract it anywhere and run service_install_russia_blacklist.cmd or service_install_russia_blacklist_dnsredir.cmd with admin privileges. These come with a prebuilt blacklist and DNS and if you want a fresh option then create a file named service_install_fresh.cmd or anything else with cmd extension and copy the codes from the following block into .that file and save it. Now run this file with admin privilege and you are good to go.
PUSHD "%~dp0"
set _arch=x86
IF "%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%"=="AMD64" (set _arch=x86_64)
IF DEFINED PROCESSOR_ARCHITEW6432 (set _arch=x86_64)
echo Mod By Arnob Karmokar.
echo This script should be run with administrator privileges.
echo Right click - run as administrator.
echo Press any key if you're running it as administrator.
sc stop "GoodbyeDPI"
sc delete "GoodbyeDPI"
sc create "GoodbyeDPI" binPath= "\"%CD%\%_arch%\goodbyedpi.exe\" -1" start= "auto"
sc description "GoodbyeDPI" "Passive Deep Packet Inspection blocker and Active DPI circumvention utility"
sc start "GoodbyeDPI"
If you are interested to dig deeper, just head over to their Github Repository. They have a detailed readme section. Instructions on uninstalling this application can also be found there.

How can we bypass ISP restrictions on a Linux/Mac device?

Green Tunnel is similar to GoodByeDPI to use on a Linux or a Mac computer to bypass ISP restrictions. To install Green Tunnel on your computer head over to their Github Repository. They have both Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Command Line Interface (CLI) versions. You can install one according to your choice.

To install GUI version, download suitable version for your Linux distro from Release tab of their repository.

You can install CLI version using npm. Run the following command in your terminal.
npm i -g green-tunnel
After installation, you can run it using gt or green-tunnel commands. Just run green-tunnel --help on your terminal to get the list of available commands.

How can we bypass ISP restrictions on an Android device?

For android devices, PowerTunnel for Android will be a good choice. This application can be downloaded from its Github Repository. Install the downloaded APK file on your device, open the installed application, and click on the ‘Start’ button and you have successfully bypassed the restrictions provided by your ISP. On an android device, you may be asked to grant permission for VPN while using this application but don’t worry it will not connect you with any remote server. This application utilizes android’s VPN service to intercept the traffic and all the processing takes place inside your device.

You can also try PowerTunnel for Windows, Mac and Linux devices.

How do these services bypass DPI?

They use several methods to fool DPI services provided by your ISP. One of the common methods is to divide HTTP requests into several TCP fragments. For example, look at the following request.
GET / HTTP/1.0`
This request is divided into parts; the first one is GET / HTTP/1.0 \n Host: and the second part is \n .... If is blocked by your ISP, they will search for the word reddit and they won’t succeed in finding the word in the request packet, thus they can’t block the request.

How do these services differ from VPN and Proxy servers?

Virtual Private Networks are hosted on cloud servers across the world. You can bypass restrictions while connected with VPNs because those VPN servers are connected with some ISP who don’t have any blocking rule like your ISP and naturally those VPN servers are outside your country. But for DPI bypassing, these applications process all the data on your device to fool the ISP so that you don’t get additional latency or internet speed drop.

I hope this article helped you to achieve your desired results. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding this article, feel free to drop a comment.


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