Exposing the Dark Side of K-POP

This is the miserable life that k-pop superstars never tell you about. 

This article is about the Dark Side of K-POP. 

Exposing the Dark Side of K-POP

Every body think that K-POP is a lot about Perfection. But behind these flawless faces and behind the fame and success it is a a sad truth: Accepting this fate starts when they enter training under "Slave Contracts". 

Teens as young as 13 are subjected to harsh and unhealthy rules. They sing and dance from morning till midnight but they cannot eat too much to avoid gaining weight. Because those who get "TOO HEAVY" are encouraged to starve and drink only water.

"I think I consumed about 300 calories a day..", says a k-pop trainee.  

Those who are "Not Pretty Enough" based on South Korean beauty Standards are advised to get plastic surgery and those who are not straight have to hide it from the public. Most trainees also cannot date or go home to their families until they finish their contact. 

All these suffering just for a very slim chance of success. 

Now, let's say you get lucky enough to be part of a New K-POP group. Congrats..!! From now on your life won't fully belong to you. A former K-POP star revealed when a new star earns money a huge chuk of it goes straight to management to pay the "Debt" they're owed for investing in training! On top of all of it you also have to assume a certain role a different identity.!

Your hair style, your behavior,  even your airport look: They are all part of Branding. Its like playing a character except the movie goes on forever. Almost all your hours are dedicated to practice, shows and concert tours. This plus a very restrictive diet can make you pass out on stage. But don't worry. Because you have the constant support of your group members. Because, guess what? 

You also live in the same house, 24/7!!!!

You cannot date, you cannot be friends with the opposite sex. You cannot interact with a member from a rival production company. K-POP Idols belong only in their fans romantic fantasies. Speaking of fans while a lot of them are supportive and positive some can go extreme lenghts to cyberbully or invade their Idol's privacy. 

Just look at the story of 25 year old K-POP star SULLI. Sulli was brave enough to break away from the K-POP star image. She made her relationship public. She rebelled against the conservative female stereotype. She spoke openly about her mental health. And as a result? She was cyberbullied so harshly something she openly shared in her last instagram live video. And just days after Sulli took her own life. 

This is what intense and unfair pressure does to a person. It is the same monster that took the lives of these other talent souls. 

We believe south korea will take necessary measures in addressing mental health issues for K-POP fans to allow their idols to just be. 

This article is important to share because K-POP has massive power in inspiring millions and saving people across the world.! 

It is time we realize the voices behind these deserved to be saved too. 

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