Experiment on Frequency Modulation (FM) Using Kit

 Experiment Name: Frequency Modulation Using Kit.

 Required Apparatus:

        I.            Frequency Modulation Transmitter KIT

·         Balanced Modulator -1

Modulation: Frequency Modulation

Carrier Input: 1-1000 KHz; Modulating Input: 0.1-1500 KHz

·         Function Generator [Frequency: 500-1500 KHz]

·         Voltage Controlled Oscillator [Frequency: 500-1500 KHz]

      II.            Power Supply

    III.            Oscilloscope

    IV.            Connectors


Block Diagram:

Figure: Amplitude Modulator

Input/Output Waveshape:

Figure 01: Waveshape of input signal 

Figure 02: At maximum message amplitude

Figure 03: At maximum carrier frequency


Figure 04: At minimum carrier frequency


From this experiment, we get a clear concept about Frequency Modulation. We can see that, if we increase the amplitude of main signal, the modulated signal’s frequency increases. And if we decrease the amplitude of the main or message signal then the modulated signal’s amplitude also decreases. From this experiment, we also observed that, Frequency deviation will be proportional to the bandwidth and main signal’s peak amplitude is proportional to the modulated frequency.



While doing the experiment, some precautions should be taken. Sometimes we can’t get the accurate wave shape because of the loose connection. And there was some distortion while calibrating the oscilloscope. So, we have to check the connection properly and we have to calibrate the oscilloscope accurately to get the accurate or proper wave shape.

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