Any motion that repeat itself after an interval of time is called vibration. Generally, engineers try to avoid vibrations, because vibrations have a number of unpleasant effects. However, Vibrations are not always undesirable. 

Adverse Effects of Vibration

  • 1.      Implementation of construction projects involve various sources of construction vibrations such as pile driving, dynamic compaction, blasting and operating heavy equipment. These sources generate elastic waves in soil which may adversely affect surrounding buildings. 
  • 2.      Workers involved in vibration-based works may face changes in tendons, muscles, bones and joints, and can affect the nervous system. Vibration can also cause fatigue, stomach problems, headache, loss of balance, chronic back pain and “shakiness” after/during exposer.
  • 3.      One of the most common and dreaded problems on board ships is high levels of vibration. The two most noticeable effects this vibration has on the ship is structural fatigue and discomfort of crew/passengers.
  • 4.      Vibration causes excessive power consumption to machines and may damage product quality.
  • 5.      Unchecked machine vibration can accelerate rates of wear (i.e. reduce bearing life) and damage equipment.

Positive/Useful effects of Vibration

  • 1.      Machines such as oscillating sanders and vibratory tumblers use vibration to remove materials and finish surfaces.
  • 2.      Vibratory rollers help compress asphalt used in highway paving.
  • 3.      Whole - body vibration may help improve muscle strength and that it may help with weight loss.
  • 4.      In construction, vibrators (Jackhammers, Pneumatic tools) are used to help concrete settle into forms and compact fill materials.
  • 5.      Beneficial effects of vibrations include ultrasonic probes, both for medical application and for nondestructive testing. The medical application: ultrasound based instrument can resolve features down to a fraction of a millimeter, and is infinitely preferable to exploratory surgery.  Ultrasound is also used to detect cracks in aircraft and structures.

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