How to Calculate Structural Member/Plate weight of a ship?

The weight of structural members is calculated by following steps:
Step – 1: Dividing the frames in two parts.
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ü  Main Frame
Step – 2: Identify the structural members as – Girder, longitudinal, keelson etc.  
Step – 3: Find out each component’s dimensions and Quantity.
Step – 4: Calculate each component’s individual weight.
Step – 5: Multiply the components with required number.
Step – 6: Sum up for total structural member weight.

The Plate Weight is calculated by following steps:
Step - 1:  Divide plates into Keel plate, Garboard Strake, Bottom Plate, Bilge Plate, Side Plate and Shear Strake.
Step – 2: Find out each plate dimensions and Quantity
Step – 3: Calculate Each Plate weight individually.
Step – 4: Sum up to get total plate weight.

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